Dr. Katherine Huseman

Dr. Katherine Huseman

Owner, Physical Therapist

I am originally from San Antonio, Texas and attended Angelo State University for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Before that, I went to Johnson High School in San Antonio, TX. I played DII volleyball for Angelo State for 4 years.After graduating from Angelo State University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, I returned to San Antonio to work in an outpatient clinic, serving patients with a variety of orthopedic or neurological diagnoses, before leaving that position to start Revolution Physical Therapy & Wellness.

I worked in a busy outpatient clinic for a few years before opening Revolution Physical Therapy & Wellness in 2019. In 2018, I earned my Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT). I am working towards becoming a Geriatric Clinical Specialist (GCS), and has earned her certification in dry needling.

My core values are honesty, integrity, compassion, and humor are critical characteristics for a physical therapist. I am a firm believer in treating others the way you want to be treated and always strive to make anyone I interact with feel a bit better as they go about their day. I hope that I can make just one person smile each day or make their day just the tiniest bit better.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” -Mother Teresa

I am one of the two owners of Revolution Physical Therapy & Wellness. In addition to the day-to-day general operations duties for the company, I specialize in patients ages 65+ and help them to improve their balance, strength, endurance and confidence!

Something that patients deal with that I want to fix is ageism. The aging population has so much to offer and so much potential, but I feel that they are dismissed so frequently in the healthcare world.

What I like about working here at Revolution is I like that I have the flexibility to treat patients the way that I know is most evidence-based and effective, without having to juggle multiple patients at one time as outpatient clinics often require.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two dogs. I also love to create pottery, grow/collect plants, and read books.

Patient Testimonials

“Katie was the most thorough therapist that I’ve ever had. She took the time to fully assess all my problems and balance issues and helped me feel more confident that I would get better. I have worked with her for a long time and can lift much more than other people my age. How many people in their 90s do you know that can pick up almost half their body weight? I used to fall at least once a week but now, even if I trip a little, I can quickly catch myself. I’m moving better than ever!”

“Before I worked with Katie, I would go down a rabbit hole of worry and anxiety about my pain problems. She helped me see that there is hope and that I can do a lot of things to make my back feel better and get stronger.”

“Katie helped figure out what was wrong with my back when other people had told me it was fine. Turns out, there was a fracture there. I’m glad she insisted on getting more imaging done because I would still be in a lot of pain without her. I feel like I can talk to her like she is one of my best friends and I am grateful to know her!”