We bring the PT to you!

Revolution PT & Wellness was created to bring much-needed mobile physical therapy and wellness services to the San Antonio area. We provide individualized care in the comfort of your own home! No transportation required!

What is a mobile PT practice?

Revolution Physical Therapy & Wellness is a small, mobile physical therapy private practice owned and operated locally by two physical therapists.

How can we help you?

At Revolution Physical Therapy & Wellness, your goals are our goals! We utilize a variety of treatment techniques and interventions to help you meet your goals. Find your diagnosis below to learn more about how we can help!


Jackie Walker

I received Dr Patrick Miles number from another physical therapist who attempted to help me with my BPP Vertigo, which had been bothering me for several months. He told me that one of the areas that Patrick specializes in is Vestibular physical therapy and getting rid of Vertigo. I called Patrick and we spent a long time on the phone discussing my symptoms and how he could help me, we then set up an appointment. Patrick came to my home, he evaluated me, and then got to work. Through his series of exercises, he was able to pin point the problem, and get me straightened out. My Vertigo disappeared that day and it hasn’t returned since. I thank him very much for his help and for his professionalism. He followed up with me to make sure my symptoms hadn’t returned. I highly recommend anyone suffering with Vertigo to give him a call.

Carissa Tracy

I have had the pleasure of working with both Katie and Patrick @Revolution PT and Wellness!

Katie is the type of physical therapist that you can trust. She will listen to your needs and concerns, think outside the box, and attack your goals. She will definitely help you get where you need to be. Her schedule was always requested in her clinic and it’s easy to see why once you work with her. I’m a former colleague of hers… and loved her as a clinician and person! She helped me safely get to the ER while pregnant after assessing me — and I owe her to this day for that great eye on the whole person. As a physical therapist myself (but for young babies/kids), I always have my short list of who I would send my own family (teens/adults) to — and Katie is on that list!

Patrick came alongside me after a terrible concussion injury that completely sidelined me from work and life. Patrick gave education and guidance that I needed, as I needed it. Even when I would become anxious and overwhelmed — he was a constant catalyst toward progress — every session, progress was made. He had me back to work twice as fast as doctors predicted — and I was so motivated with my recovery journey that I’m out growing my own business as a result. Patrick empowers you with concussion knowledge, prepares you for real life symptoms, and delivered RETURN TO REAL LIFE. My husband and I took a trip after my last visit with Patrick at Revolution PT and Wellness — which before meeting Patrick, I thought for sure I would have needed to cancel. I not only went on the trip thanks to Patrick — he gave me my life back with my kids, my husband, and now I can return to serve my patients fully!! There’s not enough I can say about Patrick!

Timothy Murga

Katie and Patrick are two great therapist. Always staying up to date with the latest interventions and keeping up on top of that research. Flexible with scheduling and easy to talk to!

Lesley A

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Patrick Miles. I had BPPV (positional vertigo) and had been living with it for several years. Patrick was able to diagnose and correct my BPPV in one visit. I cannot express my gratitude toward him. I am no longer afraid to stand up, roll over, or look up quickly. He was professional, courteous, and still checks in with me to make sure my symptoms have not returned. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.


How do I become a patient?

There are a few ways to become a patient!  

  1. Give us a call! We can assist with obtaining a referral, if needed, and help you set up an appointment. 
  1. Ask your doctor to send us a prescription/referral for PT to (833) 525 – 1855. Make sure that your contact information is included in the referral so we know how to reach you! 
What happens during my first visit?

When your therapist arrives at your home for your first visit, your physical therapist will conduct a full-body movement assessment to test your strength, flexibility and balance as well as to observe functional movements that you complete on a daily basis. These tests and measures will serve as a baseline to ensure that you are progressing appropriately throughout your plan of care!   

Based on your testing results, your physical therapist will design an individualized plan of care to address any physical dysfunctions, improve your symptoms, and educate you about your condition. At Revolution Physical Therapy & Wellness, we strive to provide a patient-centered treatment approach that is fully individualized and focused on your goals to help you take an active role in your recovery.  

Prior to your first visit, we will email you paperwork to complete electronically to make your first visit more efficient. If you are unable to complete the paperwork electronically, we will bring paper copies to your first visit that you can complete at that time. The forms that will be filled out consist of a medical history form, financial agreement form, HIPAA consent and Privacy Policy agreements. If you would also like to bring a copy of your medical history and/or a copy of your medication list, those can also be added to your file.  

Please also have the following information available at your first session: 

-Photo ID
-Insurance cards (if applicable)
-Referral from your doctor (if available)
-Credit card

What do I wear at my first session?

Try to wear something comfortable and easy to move in, such as shorts and a t-shirt and tennis shoes.  

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